FFY Habanero Sauce 150ml

FFY Habanero Sauce 150ml

Wowsers, this could be our best sauce yet! Loaded with mangoes and kiwi fruit this is a sweet fruity affair with a splash of coconut flavour that will have your taste buds fizzing. And keeping in line with our 457 Creeper sauce, this packs plenty of heat without overriding the flavour.

Mad with wings, ignite your tuna roll from a zero to a hero, or dollop on your salad for an extra fruity kapow!

Vegan friendly, gluten free

Ingredients: Tomatoes, mangoes, apple cider vinegar, kiwi fruit, habaneros, carrot, water, lime juice, coconut powder, worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, garlic, cayenne pepper, ginger, paprika